Pneumatic Division

Advanced technology

In the application and development of pneumatic techniques, Matrix products represent the most advanced and the most innovative choice.
Matrix technology allows the use of the most modern techniques of pressure and flow rate control. Matrix may offer a wide range of solutions: from the traditional to the most sophisticated ones, such as PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation), PNM (Pulse Number Modulation) and PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)

The remarkable characteristics of 750 and 850 series, such as multiple outlet configurations and modular structures, allow not only the simplification and the rationalization of the whole pneumatic system, but even an incredible range of operating and application possibilities. Accessories such as manifold, IP 65 connections and electronic driver boards make Matrix system a complete and technologically advanced system.
Specific solutions
This site, besides showing the characteristics of Matrix solenoid valves and relevant accessories, provides an informative summary, aimed to give Clients the opportunity to optimize their choice.
Since the wide means of adjustment to both new and particular applications offered by modular valves, this presentation might result non-exhaustive. For that purpose, Matrix technical team is at your disposal in order to develop custom-made models and study specific integrated systems and solutions.
In short ...
The process of evolution is being determined by advanced technology, in which Matrix solenoid valves and pneumatic systems play a leading part. Based on digital logic and featuring both high operative flexibility and extremely fast switch speeds, Matrix solenoid valves offer surprising operating possibilities which will revolutionise pneumatic systems. Pressure and flow rate regulators, digital logic proportional solenoid valves, and integrated system control modules best represent the high level of innovation offered by Matrix technology in the pneumatic field. In short, the pneumatics of the future is available today.