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UDM system gas injectors - Automotive Division -

The HS injector series is a single outlet injector module belonging to the new generation of Matrix's Injector modules. This family of injectors , called UDM (universal direct mounting), is expressly developed for OEM application where the injector is directly installed in the engine intake manifold.
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Matrix     noun   I  ma-triks / ma-trix


an arrangement of connected things, something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form or develops.
Industry Solutions

Innovation & Technology

Matrix  operates in mechatronic high-tech fields with three Divisions:

Pneumatic Division
Matrix’s technology allows the use of most modern techniques in controlling flow and pressure of gaseous fluids. Industrial automation, process control, pressotherapy, robotics, selection, artificial respiration and endermology are fields which involve a copious use of Matrix’s products, a wide range of solenoid valves and electronic pressure regulators.

Automotive Division
Specialized in development and production of gaseous fuel systems for motor vehicles. Matrix’s injectors, both in OEM and after-market versions, represent top level of innovation in the alternative fuel field.

Textile Division
Specialized in development and production of needles electronic selection systems. These systems, which involve a large use of piezo-ceramic technology, equip latest generation textile machines and credit the company a leadership position in Europe.